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MAY 18, 2018 - Thank you, Patrick McMahon for all the light and power! Patrick finished the electrical work on Thursday. Drive by and take a look at the Office building after dark! There are lots of new side and back exterior lights, as well as, under-the-counter interior lighting and all the outlets are hooked up to a breaker panel. If the pastors get chilly they have their own wall heater which can be run at the same time..... which won't blow a circuit breaker.

MAY 11, 2018 - Many projects being finished:

  • Today the laying of the new wood flooring will be finished in all areas! Abby McAllister painted the center office room walls and ceiling before the flooring work began.
  • Only one more door is yet to be hung.
  • The copier/printer was moved to the Back Work Area, now that the internet and new phone system were hooked up. (It's nice having more than one phone available.)
  • Last week the finance computer and file cabinet were moved into the Back Work Area; as well as a desk for the office volunteers.
  • Yesterday was training day on the new copier and printer. We've been using it since it was installed last week. Michael Liljenberg and Patty Wheeler are pros on it.
  • Shelves are being put into place and supplies put on them and into drawers. Gradually the bins of supplies that have been stored in the basement will be brought up and put away. YEAH!
  • APRIL 27, 2018 - Today, Mel Wimmer with Pastor Dan's help made and installed the two counter tops for the Work Room area. Very nice!

    Yesterday the door was hung on the back restroom and demolition done on the front restroom. Don Butcher did the finish tasks on the back restroom so we'd have soap, paper towels and etc...., and changed out the door knob so we won't get locked out again and again.

    APRIL 25, 2018 - On Monday, Dennis Wagoner installed the new sink and toilet in the back restroom. Thanks, Dennis! It will be ready to be used on Thursday when the caulking is dry, except there's no door! The door is leaning against the wall next to the opening. Maybe, hanging it will be one of the very next projects.

    APRIL 17, 2018 - Yesterday, Pastor Dan finished laying the flooring boards in the back half. The finishing trim pieces at the doorways and the stairway still are to be put in place.

    APRIL 13, 2018 - Four men (Rick Eiffert, Mel Wimmer, Dale Harder and Pastor Dan) worked on installing more of the flooring in the back half of the Office ! Not much more left to install. Then comes the base boards, cupboard kick space trim and ......... how exciting!

    APRIL 10, 2018 - The Work Room cupboard is in place. Yeah!!! We are planning to use it to hold our reams of colored and plain paper, so we'll need many, many shelves cut ....... please contact Mel Wimmer (612-816-1379) if you want to volunteer for this project. Thanks to the cupboard installers and all other volunteers!

    APRIL 4, 2018 - Still waiting for the last Work Room cupboard to arrive. The three week waiting period has come and gone..... patience, patience, patience!

    MARCH 23, 2018 - More flooring was laid on Monday. Thanks, Mel Wimmer, Rick Eiffert and Pastor Dan!

    Since the Klothes Kloset Crew has more space they are rearranging most of the shelving. That means "all the stuff" has to be moved off from the shelves and stored somewhere, the area cleaned then the shelves reattached to the wall and reloaded. Hummm, what goes back on, what arrangement or should it go to a different set of shelves? It's an interesting challenge for them!

    MARCH 16, 2018 - The cement was poured yesterday; the steps look fantastic. On Tuesday, Mel Wimmer and Dale Harder began laying the new Work Room (sure could use a better name for this area) flooring.

    MARCH 13, 2018 - The forms for the back steps are in place. The plan is to pour the cement on the next sunny day.

    MARCH 9, 2018 - It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so is a visit to the Office and Klothes Kloset. The Office cabinets are installed (except for the one that needs exchanged.... their mistake) by Mel Wimmer. The Klothes Kloset has been a holding area for the old Office doors and door frames, etc. It is gradually being cleared out and cleaned up. With the north wall moved back to its original position there are approximately five more feet in their work area. The freezer, refrigerator, washer and dryer are being moved to the back wall and the shelving units have been moved to the west wall. Thanks to Don Butcher and others on the Klothes Kloset Krew. Once again there is enough cleared floor space so that they can walk around their work table.

    The wrought iron Office sign has been mounted outside on the upper southwest corner of the building.

    MARCH 2, 2018 - Patrick McMahon and helper, Eric, are installing the electrical receptacles, switches and covers. It will be great to have outlets on all of the walls. Thank you!

    FEBRUARY 23, 2018 - Philip's office has the floor baseboards and door frames installed.

    FEBRUARY 15, 2018 - The new flooring is installed in Pastor Dan's and Philip's offices!!!

    Pastor Dan is organizing his office, which is now the one on the north side. This morning he put together his new desk and moved his file cabinet back there. He says, "Now he is able to have all of his work back into one place."

    FEBRUARY 9, 2018 - On Monday Pastor Dan worked on filling holes and sanding the floors. He hopes to begin laying the flooring tomorrow. More painting has been done the past couple of weeks by Mel Wimmer, Dale Harder, Rob Leach and Abby McAllister. On Thursday, Logan and Abby McAllister painted the new wall in the Klothes Kloset.

    JANUARY 30, 2018 - Today when I came into the Office there was fresh paint through-out all of the Phase Two areas! On Saturday Mel Wimmer, Abby McAllister, Rob Leach, Dale Harder and Rick Eiffert did the fantastic paint job. Meanwhile, Pastor Dan unloaded the bundles of flooring into his new office room, did a doughnut and plywood run, and whatever else was needed. Over the past three days he has filled in or repaired all of the sub-floor. Also, he ordered the new cabinets. The progress is exciting!

    JANUARY 24, 2018 - Alicia Wheeler has spent two days cleaning up dust, dry wall mud and texturing mess. Thanks, Alicia!

    Mel Wimmer is spraying on paint primer today; yesterday he did the prep work. Thanks, Mel!

    JANUARY 19, 2018 - On Friday two men did texturing on the walls and ceilings. The plan is for Alicia Wheeler to begin the after-construction cleaning tomorrow. It's going to be quite the challenge!

    JANUARY 16, 2018 - Late morning, the sanding has begun!

    JANUARY 12, 2018 - The taping and mudding of the walls is pretty well done. Next week the sanding will begin. You might want to wear your mask when you come in to see us! The projected date for painting is now on Saturday the 27th.

    JANUARY 9, 2018 - Wall taping and mudding is happening! Thanks to Rob Leach for doing a lot of last minute prep work and clearing out of debris.

    JANUARY 4, 2018 - The insulation work by volunteers and the professional crew was completed yesterday. Today and possibly for the rest of the week, drywall is being installed. The two men started the installation in the office areas, so Pastor Dan and Philip have moved to the Fireside Room, again.

    On Sunday, I asked Mel Wimmer if he had enough volunteers for the listed projects, he said it was good. THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS!

    DECEMBER 22, 2017 - Patrick and Dillon are finished with the wiring until after the painting is done. Dale Harder and Pastor Dan have put up the insulation batting which makes it quite a bit warmer. Today has been very quiet, no sawing, no hammering or stapling and no sounds over our heads from someone crawling around in the attic. It is scheduled for the blown in insulation to be done on January 3rd. After that comes the drywall work. THANK YOU to each one who has been working on the projects!

    DECEMBER 15, 2017 - The activity this week has been exciting. Patrick McMahon and Dillon Waybright have been here every day working on the wiring, cutting and drilling holes, pulling different kinds of wire, installing lights, exhaust fans, installing electrical boxes and whatever else the job entails. Pastor Dan has been working on the floor (not flooring) of the back restroom and Dennis Wagoner did a project in there so the new floor can be installed.

    The insulation batts were delivered. Junk hauled off to the dump. Lots of planning, decisions made, discussions, decisions changed. It is all fantastic, it's called PROGRESS!

    THANK YOU to those who have contacted Mel Wimmer to volunteer to do projects that are on the list! See below.

    DECEMBER 8, 2017 - The new windows on the back side of the Office have been installed and trimmed out on the outside. The trim will be painted when it warms up enough. Work on the wiring is still in progress.

    DECEMBER 1, 2017 - The five new interior doors, their frames and trim, which are all stained to match the ones in the Reception Area, were delivered this week. They are safely stored in the Fireside Room until installation time.

    Patrick McMahon and helper, Dillon Waybright, are still working on wiring, installing can lighting fixtures in the offices and crawling around in the attic insulation.

    NOVEMBER 24, 2017 - Dennis Wagoner finished working on the plumbing that will all be hidden in the walls and below the floors. He will install the new bathroom fixtures and the kitchenette sink with accessories at a later time in the process! In mid-December Dennis is scheduled for his second knee surgery. By the time the other part of Phase 2 is finished he'll probably be finished recuperating and ready to check out his new knee while installing and hooking up the new fixtures. THANKS, DENNIS!

    NOVEMBER 17, 2017 - Dennis is still working on plumbing. He even works on days when the office is closed which is convenient for us as those are the days he shuts off the water.

    Patrick McMahon has begun work on the wiring. Changes and additions are being done in the offices of Pastor Dan and Philip. As well as, in the Work Area...... we haven't decided what to call the two back areas.

    One will have two work stations, the copier and supplies, etc. which has a locking door into the next area that has the new door for accessing the Fireside Room without entering the office/reception area.

    NOVEMBER 3, 2017 - Dennis Wagoner has begun working on the new and old plumbing. The bump-out into the Klothes Kloset area, which included the shower stall which served as the custodian's mop and bucket storage place, was removed. A new custodial closet with a floor sink and side storage space is framed in.

    A full size kitchen sink with a hot spot will be installed in the new kitchenette cabinets and the Klothes Kloset washing machine will be repositioned into their newly gained space.

    Is it time for you to visit the Office and take a tour?

    OCTOBER 26, 2017 - The demolition/framing crew of two, Andrew and Ken, have been working on Phase 2 for the past two weeks. No wrecking balls, but at times it sounded like it! Sheet rock was torn out, new framing put in place and then the old framing removed. They will be spray painting the exterior of the building tomorrow, October 27th.

    Mel Wimmer, Dave Hunt and Harley McAllister removed the old counters and cabinets from the "Work Area" while other volunteers carried "stuff" to the basement storage room. Furniture and cabinet items were picked up by those who had requested it.

    The new back door, minis the glass, is in place. As I type this, Pastor Dan is scraping up old flooring. Wow, it sure is exciting to have all of this happening.

    OCTOBER 11, 2017 - Volunteers needed on Sunday, October 15th after the morning worship service to move boxed up items to their short term storage area. Please plan to HELP! Remodel construction is to begin on Monday. THANK YOU!!!

    SEPTEMBER 26, 2017 - Phase 2 is scheduled to begin the middle of October!!!

    AUGUST 2017 - We now have received enough donations to finish the Office update! We'll continue to get some more bids and then get to work! Thank to each of you who have been donating to the Mission Impossible 2.0!!! Please pray for us as many final decisions still need to be made.

    MARCH 2017 - Pastor Dan is getting bids on the work of Phase 2.

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 - Patrick McMahon wired in the Instant Hot Water faucet and other electrical outlets.

    OCTOBER 28, 2016 - Thanks to Dennis Wagoner, as of last week, we had running water, hot and cold, into the downstairs sink. When doing a remodel, there are always unplanned repairs that need to be made, but Dennis knew how to take care of them.

    With all of our October rain, we've put the repair job on the water leaks into the Fireside Room to the test. Thanks go to Gregg Mathews and Pastor Dan for the excellent repair job, there hasn't been any moisture in the room. However, we still have some leaks showing up at the base of the old stairwell to track down; thankfully all of the rain water has run into the old drywell.

    OCTOBER 7, 2016 - The bottom cabinet of the coffee nook was installed this morning. Improvements are still occurring, some of them are small details, but it's good to be able to check off one more of the items.

    OCTOBER 5, 2016 - The downstairs sink is being installed, still a while before all of it is operable. Thank you, Dennis Wagoner!

    SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 - The four round tables arrived yesterday. Two are set up with chairs all in place; very nice.

    SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 - Our new Fireside Room, downstairs in the Office Building, is now being used. Chairs are moved in, the large screen TV is functioning. Round tables are due to arrive soon. It is good to be wrapping up Phase 1. Tours are available whenever the office is open. If you want to hold your meeting/s in the room, contact Janice in the OCF Office.

    SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 - The sidewalk behind the Office Building was completed early this morning. One more project completed!

    SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 - The carpeting is being installed downstairs in the NEW Fireside Room.

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 - The NEW Fireside Room (Office Building basement) walls have paint, the cupboards and counter top are sitting in place. We still don't have a sidewalk, maybe next week????

    SEPTEMBER 6, 2016 - Well, the bottom cabinet for the coffee nook went back to the "drawing board" ……

    The basement walls have been taped, mudded, and textured so the painting can begin today or tomorrow.

    We have a new water heater, which was not a part of the Mission Impossible 2.0 plan, but since it went bad, it got replaced. Thanks to Dennis Wagoner and his sons of Faucets & Stuff. Hot water is nice for washing hands and coffee cups!

    AUGUST 26, 2016 - The Office Building basement drywall is up, now waiting for the taping and mudding crew to come. We'll soon need a painting crew, how about you .... can you help for a while?

    The cabinets for the coffee nook and trim around the front door/windows are being installed as I type.

    AUGUST 3, 2016 - Progress is still happening! This morning when I came to work the outside lights were shining brightly. Thanks Patrick for all of your electrical work. Pastor Dan is cleaning and preparing the basement here in the Office Building so it can be used by all groups and meetings. Right now I hear the screeching of nails being pulled out of old studs in preparation for new, dry drywall. Soon he'll be installing new studs so drywall can be installed over the remaining south wall.

    JULY 15, 2016 - Yeah, we're home! The equipment and supplies were all moved back into the Office Building by noon on Wednesday. Many thanks to each one who helped with the moving of equipment; we were exhausted by noon, sitting and pizza sure hit the spot, then back to work. Ken Olsen and Bob Hotchkiss rerouted the phone lines and wifi back to here. The counters in the Volunteer/Supply area are still full of items that need relocated. Soon the trim and cupboards in the Reception area will be installed and the painting of the front of the building will be completed. Thank you, volunteers and construction workers!

    The Office Building basement remodel is underway. As usual, things are worse before they are better!

    JULY 7, 2016 - Volunteers needed for our scheduled move back over to the Office Building on WEDNESDAY THE 13TH, STARTING AT 9:00 AM. Thank you!

    JULY 1, 2016 - Thanks to Patrick McMahon we have electricity to all lights and outlets on the main floor. Plans are to move the office back to the Office on Wednesday the 13th starting at 9:00 AM. We are asking for volunteers to help! We've been working out of our boxes, so they're ready to go; as well as the computers, desk chairs, file cabinets, waste baskets and whatever. Yeah, happy day!!!

    JUNE 21, 2016 - The carpet is in the process of being installed in the Office Reception area. Some of the new lights are powered.

    JUNE 16, 2016 - We're all still located in the Church. Plans are to have the lighting completed and the electricity throughout the building turned on next week. Beautiful new interior trim, doors and the stair railing have been or are being installed.

    Possibly the cement work will be finished and the railing installed next week.

    Volunteers are needed for painting of the front and west side of the exterior of the building. Contact Joe Frogge (59-869-8503) to help with this painting project.

    JUNE 3, 2016 -

  • Volunteers have finished the needed painting on the inside, so the contractor and crews are planning to finish up their part of Phase 1 by Friday the 10th.
  • The carpeting for the Reception area, hall and stairwell has been back ordered which means at least three weeks before it arrives in Spokane.
  • Possibly we will go ahead and move back to the Office Building during the week of June 14th, time will tell.
  • The Klothes Kloset will be open two days a week again starting July 7th and 8th.
  • MAY 31, 2016 - Volunteers have been painting, painting, painting the walls and ceiling of the Reception Room, Hall and Stairwell. When the painting on the inside is finished the contractor will be back to finish the first phase of the Office remodel. The Klothes Kloset has been open the past couple of Thursdays.

    MAY 20, 2016 - The walls were primed on Monday. Thanks volunteers! The slate accents on the outside of the building have been installed. Yesterday the two new windows were installed in the front offices. Other things are being done off and on . . . The Klothes Kloset operated from their room on Thursday.

    MAY 12, 2016 - Yesterday the texturing of the walls was finished. Also, during the afternoon the cement was poured for the ramp and porch at the front. Next week volunteers will be painting the walls of the front office, hallway, and stairwell. Thanks to each of you for donating your time and finances!

    MAY 6, 2016 - The appearance of the front of the Office Building is changed! It's not finished yet, but the change is drastic. The siding needs painted and the slate added where there is still tar paper. The new door with side windows is being installed now. Front office windows will be installed next week. Inside the mudding and texturing are still in process, so no painting will happen tomorrow.

    APRIL 29, 2016 - The new electical wiring is completed, with an additional breaker box. Plans are to have completed the sheet rocking and mudding so that painting can be done on Saturday the 7th. EXPERIENCED VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Please contact Pastor Dan.

    APRIL 21, 2016 - Panagos Construction is super busy with the remodel. I see different sub-contractors' vehicles coming an going; which means different kinds of projects being done. The new front door with windows on each side is on order. We are excited with the progress. THANK YOU, DONORS!!!

    APRIL 15, 2016 - THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS!!! Volunteers removed the chimneys from the roof and chimney blocks. The basement fireplace was removed also, so that the basement steps could be made wider as well as deeper. Yesterday, Panagos Construction workers taped and draped with plastic almost everything, then they started demolishing walls.

    APRIL 7, 2016 - All of the bricks have been removed, inside and out. We're ready for the Panagos Construction Company.

    APRIL 5, 2016 - Bricks have been removed from the outside of the Annex, today they will be removed from the fireplace.

    MARCH 31, 2016 - The Office is moved to the Fireside Room and Adult Classroom!

    March 25, 2016 - On March 30th, the Office moving and demolition by volunteers will begin! Please pray and consider how much time, even an hour will help, and/or finances which you can donate to this project. Thank you!


  • Wednesday, March 30th, after 10:00 AM, Office Move: Packing, moving, to the Fireside Room and classroom. Let us know if you can help! Contacts are Pastor Dan and Janice. THANK YOU!
  • Tuesday, April 5th at 1:00 PM: Come to help Neil remove the bricks Contacts are Pastor Dan and Janice. THANK YOU!!
  • Wednesday, April 6th at 9:30 AM: Please come to help Neil remove the rest of the bricks. THANK YOU!!!
  • Thursday, April 7th: The Klothes Kloset could use some extra helpers. Contact is Karan Harms (262-8790) or the office (926-2673).
  • Week of April 11th, Terry Panagos Construction Begins Work

  • Make your Mission Impossible 2.0 pledge here.
  • Make your ONLINE donation here.
  • Capital Campaign, "Show & Tell" Powerpoint click HERE
  • February 18, 2016 - The Office remodel is scheduled to start soon. This involves moving the OCF office to the CE wing of the church while the remodel goes on. It also involves organizing some volunteer labor to take care of some of the demolition (removing fireplace bricks and the bricks from the front of building).

    Please pray and consider how much time and/or finances you can donate to this project.

    The dates are as follows:

    Move Office Equipment (volunteers needed), Week of March 28th

    Volunteer Demo Work at Office, Week of April 4th

    Panagos Construction Starts Work, Week of April 11th

    September 13, 2015 - The Parking Lot cleaning and sealing/striping bills came in at $9,135.95; $864.05 under the designated $10,000. PRAISE THE LORD! To date $42,188 of the $80,000 has been donated for refurbishing the Office (Klothes Kloset and Youth areas, too) Building. THANK YOU!

    August 28, 2015 - PARKING LOT: It looks good and we're ready for winter. Some adjustments have been made to facilitate parking and snow removal. In the campaign, $10,000 was designated for the parking lot repair/reseal/restriping. To date $41,763 of the $80,000 has been donated. THANK YOU.

    A HUGE THANKS to Don Butcher, Joe, Sydney and CJ Frogge for all the hours and hours of prep work they did on the asphalt.

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