Why Small Groups?

Because this is where real life happens. It is where we connect with God, each other and our community. It is how we learn to be more like Him. It is where we serve each other, our community and our world.

Needing Small Group Volunteers for the Fall Trimester.  Click here.




Ann Sweet’s Women’s Bible Study

Ladies Bible study and dinner. Husbands are invited to hang out in the front room. Where: 5224 North Ormon Rd, Otis Orchards

When: Every other Monday

Time: 5:30pm


Kelly and Lisa Fish’s Small Group

This group will be open to everyone.

The subject is going to be around “God Is Able.” If you think it is an impossible situation, maybe so, until God gets involved. Where: Fish’s home, 1117 S Union Rd When: Wednesday evenings

Time: TBD

Duration: May 27th—August 18th

McAllister’s “Gospel in Life” Bible Study

This group will be following a study called "Gospel in Life" by Timothy Keller. This study consists of eight themes (City, Heart, Idolatry, Community, Witness, Work, Justice, and Eternity) which we will study using readings, quotations, exercises, questions, projects and some DVD presentations by the author. We look forward to sharing food, study and our lives as we study what it means to live out the gospel in all of life: your heart, your community, and the world.
Where: McAllister’s Home, 1424 S Woodlawn Rd
When: Wednesday
Time: 6:30pm
Duration: TBD


Mind, Body and Spirit Hiking

with the Frogges

Our desire is to increase hiking distance each week while spending quiet time focusing on a designated scripture. Each person will be able to hike at their own pace with the goal to hike the loop by the end of the summer!

All ages and fitness levels welcome.

Where: Liberty Lake County Park

When: Thursdays

Time: 6 to 8pm

Duration: May 31st—August 16th


Klothes Kloset

with Linda Migliore, Gale Reynolds, and Don Butcher

This is a service small group that provides needed food and clothing for Opportunity Christian Fellowship’s neighbors and members.

Where: OCF’s Klothes Kloset

When: Every Thursday and Friday

Time: 10am to 2pm

Duration: May 31st—August 17th


Melody Amene’s Road Bicycling Group

We will be spending the summer riding on various paved trails and roads in the area, while also promoting an environment of scripture sharing and prayer. The goal is for each ride to be a minimum of 15 miles. BYOB (bring your own bike).

Where: Various Locations

When: Every Friday

Time: 5:30pm

Duration: June 1st—August 17th


Young Adult Bible Study

with Michael & Karrie Liljenberg

You’re graduating from school to college and/or job with questions about where God fits in to this whole “adult” thing.

Join us Saturday afternoon and evening for a look into the Bible and one of Karrie’s home-cooked meals. We’ll be digging through James this spring.

Where: Liljenberg’s home, 113 N Holiday Rd

When: Every Saturday

Time: 4:30 to 5:30pm with dinner following

Duration: May 27th—August 12th