Our vision is to be a people who:

Say a daily yes to Jesus,

Engage our world as a mission field,

and actively care for the vulnerable.

sermon series

--summer speaker series--

Our senior pastor is away on vacation, and with that, we will be hearing from guest speakers! 

One of the most valuable parts of the church is its diversity. Each believer has unique talents and experiences. We will be hearing from four different members from our church and we will have the opportunity to hear from their insights. The series will go from July 21st to August 11th. We will hear from Bella & Juan Kely Garcia (separate Sundays), Harley McAllister, and Scott Holman. Join us to hear from these members of our church!

Watch Live

Want to watch live? Click Here to head over to our YouTube channel to follow along. Live stream is active Sundays at 10AM.

Sunday Service LIBRARY

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